Saturday, March 20, 2010

2010 Already?

So... 2010,,, another baby... Little girl call Mas Danica Mariam Walker. She's one last February and Luke's three last February too. Its been quite overwhelming I must say but I love every minute of it! I love the fact that I have a boy and a girl, I love the fact that they sometimes play well together though there are times that they could, I mean literally killed each other (but of course I will prevent that from happening). The nicest thing ever is when Luke comes up to me and says, "I love you mama." Awww... How sweet is that? Danica? Well, she's walking, she's running, she's a little madam with attitude. She'll scream, she'll throw tantrums - typical girl is what James always says to me. I've been bless, Almahdulillah. Living with the man that I love who's able to provide for me, given the opportunity to live in this beautiful house that we call home and two children that I adore so much. Life can never get better. I thank Allah S.W.T for all that he has given me for I know all these are just temporary...

Friday, January 30, 2009

All Grown Up!

And another addition coming our way... Soon I hope! Won't be long now! 4 days before the due date and everyone is in position, on standby, waiting patiently for her long awaited arrival. After 39 weeks of carrying, peeing, blood pressure, probing, testing, aching, running... it is time for her to show up! Now? Today I hope? Tomorrow maybe? Or next week I presume? Who knows! Only God knows! All I can do is waddle, waddle, lazying around and wait...

I do feel sorry for Luke though! With my massive belly and lack of energy and not being able to keep up with him, I'm unable to satisfy his energetic soul! Bless him!

He says 'Baby' to my belly and pointing at it as if he knows that there's a baby in it unless he thinks that my massive belly is called baby, then that's another story eh?!

He is growing up so fast! He'll be two in February and we are still contemplating on whether we should do a birthday party for him considering that I might either have given birth by that time OR induced on the 17th Feb... tough call, tough call!! Just have to play it by ear I suppose!

Oh, yes, we are having a girl! Yay!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Still the same

Its been a good day today though we weren't able to go out coz waiting for the delivery man. We missed a delivery yesterday so they were re-sending it today. Its a gift from James for my birthday this 19th. I'll be 29 this year. Feeling so old. Can't believe I'm at that age already. Well, I see it coming but I don't think I'm ready for it - not yet. Anyway, we've been checking out restaurants that we can go to that's baby and breast feeding friendly and realised that there's not many here in Halifax or anywhere around the area which we find really disappointing. If it's impossible then maybe we'll just invite friends and family over for a barbeque - if the weather's kind to us. Recently weather's not looking too good and what hope do we have eh? Nevertheless, we've got 14 days to go before the big day. If all don't go well, then we'll just go over the in-laws and have dinner with them.

Maybe they'll be kind enough to look after Luke for a night while me and James go out for a nice long meal... Luke's sleeping had been pretty alright so far (Alhamdulillah) as he'e been sleeping through though there were nights where he'll wake up at night either for a cry, a cuddle, nappy change or just telling us that he's alone and don't like it! Anyway, this is something we might need to discuss with the in-laws this weekend...

Did I mention that I've got a cross trainer from James? yep, I think he's telling me to lose those pounds plus he can use it himself also!

Tomorrow will be an exciting day for Luke and me too. He'll be going for his first swimming lesson and I am so looking forward to it - not him but me! Hope I'll be able to meet more mothers and make more friends...

Bought a bouncer for Luke and he's loving and enjoying it like crazy! Laughing all the way!